toasttowerHey everyone and welcome to my blog. I'm a bird who likes some other stuff like American horror story, The Walking dead, Sherlock BBC, Harry Potter, etc...


So, as you can see this blog is some kind of a complex blog. At the noon I post 'some other stuff' and the evenings are usually a celebrity-evenings. But it's not a RULE, sometimes it changes :) Also I like photoshop, so you can find my edits here, just look to the right side of my blog

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Things to be found in John Green books.

I always loved how in his books you could go from something really profound to something like “hump the moist cave wall” so I made a side-by-side of some of my favourites.

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i love how they are all adults and actors and professional and shit but have an irresistible urge to act like kittens on camera…

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get to know me meme: [1/5 favorite tv shows] 

They call us the global generation. We are known for our entitlement and narcissism. Some say it’s because we’re the first generation where every kid gets a trophy for just growing up. Others thinks it’s because social media allows us to post every time we fart or have a sandwich for all the world to see. But it seems our one defining trait is a numbness to the world. An indifference to suffering.

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list of my favorite actors & actresses » Leonardo DiCaprio

"Everywhere I go, somebody is staring at me. I don`t know if people are staring because they recognize me or because they think I`m a weirdo."

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It would be an unspeakable happiness to see my wife and my family again.

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let’s talk about colton

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